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Palos Verdes Golf Club course

Dress Code/Rules

Pro Shop and Golf Course Dress Code:

Golf sportswear is the appropriate attire in the pro shop and on the golf course. Golf shoes may not have metal spikes. Golf hats are permitted as are golf caps with the bill worn forward. For men, golf sportswear includes golf slacks or golf shorts (shorts may be no shorter than 4" above the center of the back of the knee), golf shirts (for men, shirts with collars, including mock-turtle collars, are required and shirts must be tucked in). Dress Code Update for: Women & Girl golfers at Palos Verdes Golf Club
Appropriate golf course attire:

• All skorts, shorts & pants must be mid-thigh or longer
• Leggings cannot be worn alone, must be covered with a skirt or shorts
• Sleeveless shirts need collars
• No tank tops, open backs or bare midriffs
• No blue denim fabric
• No golf hats worn while dining in the golf club

Appropriate golf attire is monitored by the pro shop. Outside play will be advised by the pro shop and on line. Be sure and let your guests know our dress code

Not permitted are denim (including designer jeans, shirts, shorts, skirts, and jackets), cargo shorts and cargo pants (cargo attire features pockets on the outside of the garment), sweat pants, cut-offs, bathing suits, and tank tops. Men and women may wear flip flops (rubber shower-type shoes) in the locker rooms only.

Course Rules

  1. The Head Golf Professional is responsible for all golf activities.  He is in charge of the Pro Shop, starting times, marshalling, speed of play, player attire, enforcement of rules, etiquette, golf club storage, golf-club repair, golf practice and instruction.  He shall supervise all employees in these activities and they are his representatives in his absence.

  2. The Rules of the U.S.G.A. shall govern all play except as modified by local rules on the scorecard or posted by the Golf Committee.

  3.  All players must register in the Pro Shop before teeing off.

  4. Play is generally limited to a maximum of foursomes for all groups.  Regular member groups who have demonstrated an ability to keep pace may play fivesomes, provided they first receive approval to do so from the Head Golf Professional.  However, the Head Golf Professional may limit fivesomes who have a record of slow play.

  5. The Pro Shop will make every effort to combine players into groups of four.

  6. Play must proceed without delay and at a reasonable pace at all times.  If a group fails to keep pace and has more than one clear hole ahead, it may be directed by the Course marshal to pick up and move to the next hole.

  7. Players are expected to let faster groups play through.

  8. The Course marshal is the representative of the Head Golf Professional.  He is on the Course to promote safety, the pace of play, and golf standards.  All golfers must respect his requests and rulings.

  9. Regular members will be billed annually for the Club hole-in-one insurance.  Insured members having an accredited hole-in-one at PVGC will receive $250.00 credit to be applied at the bar on the day of the hole-in-one, or, if the bar is closed that day, on the next day the bar is open. Unused credit will be returned to the insurance fund. A hole-in-one at any other course will not be compensated. The Palos Verdes Women Golf Club has its own hole-in-one insurance plan.

  10. Power driven cars are the sole responsibility of the person signing for the car.  That person will be held accountable for the car's safe and correct operation, and all repair costs arising from any damage to the car attributed to negligence, lack of care, or lack of operating experience.  This judgement will be made by the PVGC Maintenance Department and will be subject only to Board review.

  11. Children under 18 years of age are not permitted in a golf car except with an adult who shall be responsible.  Members are responsible for cars used by their guests.  Third persons may not ride, or hitch a ride on golf cars or tow handcarts with power cars.

  12. The Golf Committee may extend “Blue Flag” car privileges to qualified members.  Such cars are allowed on non-car areas, but must be kept a minimum of ten yards from all tees and greens. No "Blue Flag" privileges will be extended on rain days or car path only days.

  13. An AGM who plays with a Regular member during AGM tee times is permitted to use a car or walk as long as the Regular member is walking; however, the AGM must pay the car fee.