Dress Code

Country club casual is the accepted dress attire for all areas of the Palos Verdes Golf Club as defined in the prior section under Golf Course dress code for both men and women.

Appropriate attire is described below for specific areas of the Clubhouse.

Note: A member or guest may arrive at or depart from the Club in clothing that does not conform to the dress code only if access is limited to the direct route between the parking area and the locker rooms/Fitness Center.

Dressy (fashionable) denim* is allowed at the Club; in the Bar, Members Card Room and Terrace ONLY. Denim is never permitted in the Main Dining Room at any time, unless approved for a special Club function. Members are responsible for assuring that their children and guests comply with this dress code. "Denim" means denim jeans or tops in good, clean condition without rips, frayed edges, or visible holes. The Club's Food and Beverage Manager and/or the on-duty Wait Captain are authorized by the PVGC Board of Directors to monitor and enforce this policy.

Malaga Cove Dining Room:

For Men: Sports coat preferred, slacks required, (shorts are not permitted), sport or dress shirts, sweaters, and shoes, (no golf shoes or sandals).
For Women: Dresses, suits, skirts, or pants, (shorts are not permitted), jackets, blouses, sweaters, and shoes, including fashion sandals, (no golf shoes).

Grill Room/Veranda:

Country club and golf attire as described in the prior section under Golf Course Dress Code is acceptable in the Grill Room and on the Veranda. Additionally, only on Tuesday/Thursday evenings “dress denim” is allowable during the Bistro menu dining hours in the Grill Room or on the Veranda.

Snack Bar:

The PVGC golf course dress code applies to the snack Bar. Players from the Tennis Club may wear tennis attire in the Snack Bar and on the patio outside the snack shack only.

Outside Events and Banquets:

The PVGC dress code applies to outside parties who have contracted with PVGC to use the Club's facilities. Applications for exceptions to the dress code may be made at the time of booking to accommodate certain themed events and the specific requests of the client, as long as the event is conducted in an area of the clubhouse that does not encroach on space reserved for members while members are present. All departures from the dress code must be approved by the Club General Manager.

Fitness Center:

Acceptable attire is workout clothing including sweat suits, workout suits, shorts, and T-shirts. Tennis type or running shoes are required. Fitness Center attire may not be worn in the other areas of the Club except in the locker rooms. 

Pro Shop and Golf Course:

Golf sportswear is the appropriate attire in the pro shop and on the golf course.  Golf shoes may not have metal spikes.  Golf hats are permitted, as are golf caps with the bill worn forward.  For men, golf sportswear includes golf slacks or golf shorts (shorts may be no shorter than 4” above the center of the back of the knee), golf shirts (for men, shirts with collars, including mock-turtle collars, are required and shirts must be tucked in). 

For women, golf sportswear includes golf slacks, golf shorts or golf skirts (shorts and skirts may be no shorter than 4” above the center of the back of the knee, no “mini” skirts or shorts are permitted), golf shirts or blouses (for women, shirts/blouses may be worn out if they are so designed).  

Not permitted are denim (including designer jeans, shirts, shorts, skirts, and jackets), cargo shorts and cargo pants (cargo attire features pockets on the outside of the garment), sweat pants, cut-offs, bathing suits, and tank tops.  Men and women may wear flip-flops (rubber shower-type shoes) in the locker rooms only.  

Cell Phones are not allowed on the Course or in the Clubhouse at any time

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